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The Original Baseball

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               The Cooperstown  Timepiece                          Select Hardwood Baseball Bat End Base          Authentic Regulation Baseball                                              Quality Quartz Timepiece                           $69.95

Personalization available!

Some of our customers:

New York Mets

Florida Marlins

Larry Jansen (former pitcher for the New York Giants)

CBS Affiliate (St. Louis)

George Steinbrenner (owner of the New York Yankees)

Los Angeles Dodgers

The Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame

Cincinnati Reds

and others!


a_new3.gif (12646 bytes)Be sure check out our new solid wood bases and our expanded baseball desk clocks at www.shop.cooperstowntimes.com .

This is the emotional baseball gift for that deserving coach, manager, executive, employee,                            customer, player, friend, or for yourself. Enhancing your timepiece with personalization using laser or decaling makes                                 this keepsake extra special. Looking for a corporate gift or a product for your specialty advertising promotion? Let us                           help you create a memorable marketing  tool.


We stand behind every timepiece and will do whatever is necessary to guarantee your                               satisfaction!

Recently, We got a phone call from a customer who received one of our Artist Signature Series baseball clocks 16                                    years ago as a gift. He had taken his clock with him all over the country to his many different job opportunities in the                              health care industry. He told us the Cooperstown Timepiece baseball clock was his favorite clock. Another gentleman                        working in Washington D.C. called just to tell us how much he loves his clock, particularly the way  the bat end base                           looks like it is coming up out of his marble desk. (Marble desk?) These are just two stories of many regarding the                                    satisfaction and love of my product. Yes I said love. Hey, what can I say. We baseball fans love baseball!  Thank you                            for taking the time to read this. If I can be of any assistance, please let me know.    

Alan Lincourt


Do you know the feeling of hitting a ball solidly on the sweet spot of a bat? The way the ball seems to explode off                                   the bat high into the outfield. Whether it's caught or not (preferably not), fair or foul, it makes you feel good. In that                         spirit, we introduce to you a baseball collectible that brings back that good feeling, the Original Cooperstown                              Timepiece. Satisfaction guaranteed!


    The Cooperstown Timepiece sculpture was designed to capture the elegance of                                our favorite sport  by incorporating the central elements of the game... the bat and ball.




Just looking good isn't good enough. The precision clock movement is engineered by                            the renowned clock manufacturer of Japan and is hand-mounted  in a Rawlings official                      league baseball. The clock piece has a mineral glass crystal accented with a  gold-plated                     brass bezel. The ball rests easily on the base  sculpted from select hard wood and                       completed to a smooth finish. The beautifully grained wood base makes each Cooperstown           Timepiece a unique work of art. ORDER NOW. Note: there are baseball clock imitations out                  there which use imitation baseballs with clocks made of plastic. We offer 100% complete             satisfaction! If you or the person you buy the Cooperstown Timepiece for doesn't absolutely              LOVE our baseball clock, just return it in original condition and we will refund your money! No questions asked. Let me state               again, we stand behind every timepiece we make!

Only one gift could be better but  better                                                                                               how many of us can afford to buy a team?

If you or someone close to you loves baseball, you need to look no further for the emotional baseball gift. The Cooperstown                      Timepiece looks great wherever displayed, in the home or office. To add a special touch to your timepiece,  bring the ball                         or wood base to the ball park or card show to be signed by your favorite player. We're so confident that the Cooperstown                   Timepiece will be cherished, we offer sixty days for a full refund if not completely satisfied.  Order NOW.



Two personalization examples. (The Louisville Slugger and the National Baseball Hall of Fame are registered trademarks and are used                                                                here for examples only.) Personalization available for corporate gifts, specialty advertising gifts or for that special baseball enthusiast.                 Please contact us so we can help you create a quality long lasting keepsake for those special people.

Read below to order your Cooperstown Timepiece.

Reserve yours today for $69.95.                                                                                                                               

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P.O. Box 511, Main Street Cooperstown, NY 13326

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